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Dr. George Mekhjian and Registered Nurse Shelley Miller brought together their collective 40 years of clinical experience to co-found Eos Medical Spa in July of 2020.

With that development, they now stand united under the common goal of providing forward-facing solutions to modern health and wellness issues. Eos features a prominent line of cutting-edge laser technologies, made possible through a close working relationship with Candela Medical.

In addition to their commercial offerings, the Eos team carries the intent to build charitable partnerships, By working with organizations such as Children's Hospital and the Department of Veteran's Affairs, Eos is able "pay it forward" to those who need it most.

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Meet the Team

When drive met passion and opportunity, great things were bound to happen.

Mrs. Shelley Miller, RN, BSN, MBA

Shelley is the heart and soul of Eos. She works as the key business administrator. Her love for healthcare as a means to support beauty and wellness is unparalleled. She believes everyone should have the opportunity to live their best life, and she is the driving force in building charitable partnerships.

Dr. George Mekhjian, MD

Dr. George is the licensed physician of Eos. He works to provide diligent oversight to the processes and procedures used in treating patients of the practice. Dr. George is an avid car enthusiast, and he continues his career as an active ER doctor serving in hospitals across the St. Louis area.

Mr. Tom Miller

Nurse Shelley's doting husband came with years of business experience, having played an integral role in the start-up, construction, and organization of the practice. Tom continues to support day-to-day operations as a part-time advisor and student of the craft.